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Jayco (UK) Limited Environmental Policy

Introduction and aim
Jayco (UK) Limited is a family owned and managed company, operating from a premises in Southampton. Our main products are leather gloves for the industrial and gardening sectors.

Jayco recognises its obligations to comply with legislation and other requirements and to carry out its business in an environmentally sound manner as possible.  This policy is part of our commitment to minimising the environmental impacts of our business to as low a level as is practically and economically viable and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

In addition we pay close attention to monitoring sources of raw materials used in production.  In particular we ensure that leather used in the manufacture of our products is responsibly sourced, sustainable and processed with awareness to any potential environmental impact.  Jayco is committed to working with our suppliers and (or through external auditors) to monitor the source of raw materials (mainly leather) and their production processes.

This environmental policy applies throughout the company and describes how we will achieve our aim to all areas of our operation. Jayco is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented and all employees will have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

Our major direct environmental impacts are:

Major impact no.1 Transportation of goods
Major impact no.2  Energy use
Major impact no.3 Resources and materials employed for the use of exhibition purposes
at the RHS Chelsea Flower and RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows.

Our major indirect environmental impacts are:

Major impact no.1 Sourcing of raw materials for products
Major impact no.2 

The energy consumption and resource use during manufacture of our products 

Major impact no.3 The recycling and disposal of packaging by our customers

To achieve our aims, we have set ourselves the following targets:

Consolidate incoming and outgoing shipments wherever logistically and commercially possible to
minimise environmental impact.
Maintain an environmentally sound workplace by ensuring we make efficient use of means, striving to reduce our use of materials including paper and stationery and recycling where appropriate in all our activities.
Continually improving the environmental performance and conserving energy and other resources  by providing information and awareness to all employees and sub contractors.
Ongoing monitoring of our operations and processes to bring about continual improvement in performance.

Jayco will make this policy available to all staff.  This environmental policy is available on request to all interested parties. This policy is also available on our website at

Jayco will review our progress and annually update our environmental policy and targets in accordance with best practice.